Your One Ball One Shot One Life Moment

The One Ball One Shot One Life Philosophy in Action


It was a warm summer day; I was walking down Washington
Street in downtown Boston, on my way to the bank to make a deposit. There
in an empty storefront was a man sitting on the ground asking me for
spare change. I looked at him in the eye. I could see he was relatively young
and strong and shabbily dressed. I said to him, “You are young, healthy so why
don’t you get a job?” “I think you can do it, but what’s more important is that
you think you can do it.” I left without giving him any change.


About three months later, walking on the same street, a
nicely dressed guy ran up to me saying “Thank you, thank you so much!” I asked
him what for. He said do you remember me, a few months ago you told me to get a
job. No one has ever told me to get a job before. They just put a coin in my
cup. I thought about what you said, and I got off my ass and applied for jobs.
He proudly said now I have a job, an apartment and a girlfriend. Sir, I am so
grateful for the advice you gave me. He said God bless you. Then I said I hope
you continue on the path. I was really surprised when the nicely dressed man
stopped me. At the time I was just trying to say something positive to uplift
his spirit, give him a better outlook on life, and motivate him to improve his


My simple message turned this person’s life around. Giving a
positive message whenever possible is the core philosophy behind the One Ball
One Shot One Life products.


Delroy Allen – Founder of One Ball One Shot One Life.

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