Mr. Allen has over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. In 1993 Mr. Allen saw a void in the metropolitan Boston area. There was no retail operation satisfying the needs of the urban fashion conscious consumer. Hence Hip Zepi, USA was born. Within ten years the one store outlet employing 2 became a four store chain employing 50. DNR Magazine (now Woman’s Wear Daily) recognized Hip Zepi USA. Within a decade they listed the flagship store at downtown crossing in Boston as the number 1 urban fashion store in New England. Along with Macy’s, Dr. Jays, Filene’s and Urban Outfitters they listed Hip Zepi, USA among the top 50 fashion retail stores in the USA! Hip Zepi’s success is in large part due to the efforts of Mr. Allen. He created systems that improved customer service, increased sales using the win-win technique, and general management by creating and monitoring various reports. In addition to his strong management skills, he designed and manufactured four different brands, and was responsible for purchasing, advertising, promotion, and staff training.

In 2003 Mr. Allen created a splash in the woman’s fashion industry. He designed, and marketed the jersey dress, the hottest item in 2003. He sold his product to over 600 specialty and department stores nation wide including East Bay, Filene’s, Ross Store, TJ Maxx and many others. Mr. Allen managed the production of the jersey dress, the customer service/order taking functions, and also managed a national sales force. The jersey dress concept was something that was never done before. He took a man’s apparel item (a basketball shirt) that has not changed in over 50 years and transformed it into a woman’s apparel item that flew off the shelves.

Mr. Allen has been a teaching tennis pro for over 25 years. He has integrated his successful strategies in the business world in his tennis game and has integrated his successful tennis career into his business philosophy.

His philosophy is embodied in the One Ball One Shot One Life inspirational motivational sports clothing collection. It covers all sports that use a ball and many other sports that do not use a ball. For example our hockey message is One Puck One Shot One Life.

In tennis (and most other sports) many matches (or games) are won by the player who executes each shot to the best of his/her ability. So, he treats every shot as if it is the difference between winning and losing. According to Mr. Allen, tennis is a great metaphor of life. Sometimes you are given one opportunity (one ball) and one chance (one shot) and one life to live to the best of your ability!

This inspirational, motivational message applies not only to one’s sport, but to one’s career and overall success in life! So get inspired and stay on track with the One Ball One Shot One Life Collection!

Mr. Allen wants to share his winning philosophy with the world. Soon the message of One Ball One Shot One Life will be seen everywhere!